In all my years and all the leaders I have met and worked, with all the posts about “leaders….” we were blessed with Jon Horovitz.  We met the best of the best, NO organization had better leadership then when I worked with Jon, those were truly the magical days… we defined the Go to Market strategy, SWOT, verticals, new business areas and enterprise. Stand proud, stand tall, understand the impact you made on our lives. –Nelson S.

Led by Jon Horovitz, Atrium Unlimited has opened many doors for us that we previously couldn’t have gotten through due to his knowledge and passion for everything wireless.  His keen insights and methodical planning have helped us acquire new customers that increased both our sales and revenues. –David G.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Jon at two different companies throughout my career. Jon is a dynamic leader who’s over the top personality drives the people around him to want to succeed and be the best. His positive infectious personality brings out the best in everyone on his team, vendors, clients and more. I would recommend Jon for any challenge he takes on, and any organization would be lucky to have him. –Matthew S.

I worked for Jon at Nextel for over 5 years and I never felt more motivated and empowered at my job. He has the ability to effectively manage both his wireless partners and his team equally while increasing sales month after month. I learned a great deal from Jon. — Todd G.

Jon has had a profound impact on my career. I am proud and honored to have worked for and with him in two organizations. He is the utmost professional and truly cares about the people that work for him. He is an amazing mentor and teacher and sees qualities in others that they may not yet see in themselves. He has the ability to push others beyond what they think they are capable of achieving and gets real results because he believes in them and truly wants them to succeed. He is a true asset to the business world. — Pamela H.