Should Your MVNO Use A Consultant?

Posted on June 17, 2022

Most small business owners think they know everything, I know I did.  Okay, without this being a history lesson, I have been in the wireless mobility, communications, telecom, cellular or call it whatever you want industry for thirty-one (31+) years.  When some people criticize younger people for walking around with their faces glued to their phones, I jokingly say, “yeah, I’m partly to blame!” But being a small, or for that matter, mid-size or large business owner means being an … Continue reading “Should Your MVNO Use A Consultant?”

What Are These Fees On My Phone Bill And Why Do They Keep Going Up?

Posted on June 3, 2022

Although still struggling with gas pricing, food costs skyrocketing, rents going up and everything else tied into our current inflation issues as well as the pundits talking about a possible recession, most people thought they had figured out their monthly telecom costs. With unlimited talk, text, and data, phone bills stayed fairly consistent unless you were hitting “411” on a regular basis or making a lot of international calls that weren’t included in your plan.  But the Big Three are … Continue reading “What Are These Fees On My Phone Bill And Why Do They Keep Going Up?”