Big Cable Hits 9 Million Wireless Subs, What’s The Key To Their Success & Can Your MVNO Compete?

The lazy, hazy and in most spots, non-rainy days of summer have not cooled off wireless sales.  With today being August 5th, is it really only 31 days until Labor Day? 

If you’ve been vacationing, here’s what’s going on:

Charter Communications (Spectrum Mobile) and Comcast (Xfinity) had tremendous Q2, 2022 wireless sales adding a combined 661,000 net wireless additions for the three months ending June, 30th. That gives them 9 million combined wireless subscribers, up from 8.5 million at the previous count (see also: While MVNOs Were Sleeping, Cable Companies Added 8.5m Wireless Subs)!  No wonder Cox, WoW, and the entire NCTC (recently rebranded National Content & Technology Cooperative) are all getting into the wireless game.  As I said back in March, these aren’t your father’s cable companies anymore!

It’s interesting to look at the major carrier’s net adds for the second quarter:

  • AT&T 813,000 net postpaid adds
  • T-Mobile 723,000
  • Spectrum 344,000
  • Xfinity 317,000
  • Verizon   12,000  OUCH!

The two cable MVNOs accounted for 30% of the total net adds for these five providers.  Is anyone taking notice?  

What’s The Secret to Their Success?

To recap what they’re doing right:

  • Simple, clear, and affordable pricing
  • Leveraging your brand
  • Freedom to use their favorite devices the way they want to
  • Differentiation (there is THAT WORD again!)
  • Best-in-class service

Are YOU doing this every day?  It seems to be working for the newest entrants into the MVNO space.  MVNOs need to review their marketing, distribution, and operational plans if not weekly, monthly.  It’s not always about the best price.  Consumers are willing to pay a little bit more for value, customer service and a differentiated product that meets their needs.  Anyone who jumps into the “race to the bottom” simply won’t have the resources to survive in the long term.  These behemoths have deep pockets and other significant sources of revenue to keep this race going.  New entrants need differentiation and an outstanding level of customer service to compete.

I personally spoke to two companies just this week that want to join our MVNO fraternity.  Their differentiation?  Price.  I politely told them that I would gladly introduce them to a carrier or aggregator, but I didn’t want to stick around and watch them fail if they thought that they could simply compete against the SIM card only providers on price.

The cost of service IS NOT a differentiator!  Value and unique features and benefits are.  This week, my company, Atrium Unlimited Consulting (, agreed to represent a company to gain distribution on a unique product that meets the needs of a growing market that is currently not being served.  More on this at a later time and I’m sure that their product will be a disruptor in the wireless marketplace.  


There’s nothing better than being in Las Vegas in August, 110 degree temperatures aside, the All Wireless and Prepaid Show will kick off Tuesday, August 16th at Caesar’s Palace.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Robin Tobias; President of the All Wireless & Prepaid Expo about the upcoming show and how this will be the biggest show ever.  Robin went into detail about why dealers, MVNOs, carriers, and vendors all attend.

All Wireless & Prepaid Expo 2022 is our biggest event to date, with a sold-out floor including 100+ exhibitors, and over 3,000 registered attendees. Most notable, this year includes more prepaid wireless exhibitors than we have had in many years, proving that prepaid is not only alive and well, but thriving.  The landscape has changed, with recent mergers and acquisitions, but at its core, prepaid still meets the demands of a tremendous consumer niche.  

This year’s Expo also bridges a multitude of industry sectors, all revolving around our roots as a prepaid-focused show.  From accessories to repair to top up – even insurance, marketing and logistics, we are serving the industry better than ever.  Our goal has always been to provide the best live resource to the providers, agents, distributors and retailers that drive the industry, and based on the number of participants for AWPE 2022, this year should not disappoint.   

For those interested in a bit of industry education, we brought Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, on board to lead the conference agenda and moderate a full day of sessions.  Kicking off the show with an industry overview on prepaid competition, Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave 7 Research and Grant Joslin, VP of US Telecom Equity Research from Credit Suisse, will offer their perspective on recent changes and how to best adapt.  Then the carriers themselves will talk competition, with Peter Adderton, CEO, MobileX & FounderBoost Mobile, keynoting, to be later joined by Sharif Ailey, VP of Indirect Sales, Ultra Mobile and Lee Mrazek, SVP, Indirect Channel, TracFone Wireless, to focus on how dealers can best capitalize on the new environment and trends.  

The rest of the day will provide attendees with vital information on devices, marketing, customer care, the importance of repair and accessories, and the latest telecom technologies.  

Day 2 showcases two Training Tracks on Advanced Wireless Repair and Social Media Marketing, giving you a more hands-on opportunity to learn.  

In addition, Jeff Moore and Adam Wolf, President of the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association (NWIDA) will host a presentation entitled “The Future of Wireless” at Caesar’s the night before the show kicks off.  The event is from 4:30 to 7:00 pm and registration is required.

You can register here.  Yes, it’s FREE to attend and light food and drinks will be provided.

We hope to see you at the show.  In case you’re interested, sponsors include: Boom! Mobile, AirVoice Wireless, epay, Gen Mobile, H2O Wireless, Mobile Sentrix, VIDAPAY, Blufire Mobile, COS Phones, Wireless Shop, Phone LCD Parts, Rush Star Wireless, T-Mobile, VIP Wireless, Winner Wireless, XYZies, AKKO, cellhelmet, CellPay, DFW Cellphone & Parts, ClearLine Mobile, Cricket, Emida, Hyundai Technology, Marceco, Modern Wireless, Parts4Cells, Red Zombie, Surplus Giant, Ultra Mobile, Wireless Waves, and Xpress Prepaid.   

WOW!  That’s going to make for a GREAT SHOW! 

Exhibit Hall Passes are $49; 2-Day All Access Passes $150; and Training Tracks $75 – all through August 14.  Learn more on