It’s Time for Mobile World Congress And The Boon Of Wireless Podcast!

Boon Of Wireless Podcast

By Jon Horovitz – Feb 23, 2024

It’s Time for Mobile World Congress!

This week’s article will be a short one with a couple of updates. World Mobile Congress (MWC – The Largest And Most Influential… | MWC Barcelona 2024)

in Barcelona, Spain begins next week, February 26-29th. I’m happy to be attending my first MWC event and looking forward to meeting many people that I have only met on ZOOM, Teams, etc. Of course, many clients and friends from the United States will be there as well and we’re looking forward to having a great show.

In her article published February 22nd, Elizabeth Coyne from Fierce Wireless wrote about “The 10 Things we can’t wait to see at MWC in Barcelona” and eight of those were related to Artificial Intelligence – A.I. (the other two were coffee and cheese with a shout out to satellite communications).

I’m sure that there will be a whole lot more and looking at the list of speakers, seminars and exhibitors, this should be a great, and tiring, show! Hope to see a lot of folks there and if your calendars aren’t completely full, message me at [email protected] to set up meeting.

We Have a Podcast!

The other big event at Atrium Unlimited Consulting ( is that we launched our podcast in mid-February. The Boon of Wireless as three (3) episodes that have dropped. Our first three guests were Peter Adderton, Founder of Boost Mobile and MobileX, Dan Thygesen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of T-Mobile Wholesale and MVNOs, and Adam Wolf, President of the National Wireless Independent Dealers Association (NWIDA). Next week on February 29th, my guest will be Carrie Charles, CEO of Broadstaff who recruits and staffs for all positions in wireless, from infrastructure to the folks behind the retail counter.

All of the episodes are available on YouTubeSpotify, Apple and LinkedIn and we have received a lot of positive reviews and acknowledgements so far. In fact, when I announced the podcast on LinkedIn on February 15th, we received over 5,000 impressions! We are not viral yet but hopefully we are on our way!

The podcast aims to inform, educate and inspire those of us in the wireless space and beyond. If the first episodes are any indication, our guests are informative, uninhibited, and freely speak their minds on issues that they are passionate about and where they see our industry going. After next week’s release, we hope to drop a new episode every two weeks and have some really great guests joining us. Remember, that’s The Boon of Wireless,

Okay, off to Spain and the beginnings of what should be a great experience for all of the Mobile World Congress attendees. Looking forward to recapping our experiences in the next article!

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